Which Social Network are you?

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  • Saturday, January 8, 2011
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  • So which are you?
    p/s: I go for FB =D

    Have you ever heard of FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, FRIENDSTER, TAGGED and ect2.
    Well of course you would have known all these social network site which have becoming a new phenomenal these days.

    There are more than 500 of social network (LIST) in the world which you can get it for free. But the leading right now is FACEBOOK founded by by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow computer science students. Right Now, he has becoming the world's youngest billionaire.

    TOP 10 Social Network

    01. Facebook with 133,623,529 unique visits.
    02. MySpace with 50,615,444 unique visits.
    03. Twitter with 23,573,178 unique visits.
    04. Linkedin with 15,475,890 unique visits.
    05. Classmates with 14,613,381 unique visits.
    06. MyLife with 8,736,352 unique visits.
    07. Ning with 6,120,667 unique visits.
    08. LiveJournal with 3,834,155 unique visits.
    09. Tagged with 3,800,325 unique visits.
    10. Last.fm with 3,473,978 unique visits

    Populariti FACEBOOK kini didokumentasi di dalam filem. Filem yang berjudul 'The Social Network'. Filem ini mengisarkan tentang perjalanan hidup bagaimana si anak muda bernama Mark Zuckberg ini menemukan rangkaian sosial FACEBOOK. Filem ini berkisarkan dari Kisah Sebenar kehidupannya sebelum dia bergelar jutawan muda. Just WATCH the TRAILER of the movie. I BET you gonna love it. =D

    Get the soundtrack of the movie sang by Scala and Kolacny Brothers - Creep


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