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  • Friday, January 7, 2011
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    E-mail me at

    Make sure you e-mail me by following as an example below:
    Please make sure that when you e-mail me, your subject column will be starting with [Wokeh] and then follow with your question or things that you want to highlight. These is to make sure that the message that you've sent it to me will be received and simply read by me. Why? 

    Because back then there are so much SPAM mail in my inbox and I tend not to look into it and simply delete it. So, if you really want me to read your e-mail, please make sure you put your initial Subject by [Wokeh] and then follow by your own subject to be highlighted. Okay?! I'll be free to answer your question regarding your curiosity on any post in my blog.

    Example as below:

    So your email will be appear in my mail inbox such as below:

    Tq~ =D


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