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  • This Is Us ALBUM Cover
    p/s: Erk.. Okay, where is Kevin? XD

    Masih ingatkah lagi anda semua kepada kumpulan Backstreet Boys. Kumpulan yang telah lama ditubuhkan dan masih lagi bersama-sama dalam kumpulan. Unlike any other groups such as Blue, N'SYNC, Westlife and ect2, kebanyakkannya semua telah berpecah-pecah. But Backstreet Boys, they all still stick together as a group. That's was awesome. And now, they come out with their new album called THIS IS US.

    Backstreet Boys - This Is Us Tour 2010 in KL

    Album: This Is Us
    Track Listing

    01. "Straight Through My Heart"
    02. "Bigger
    03. "Bye Bye Love"  
    04. "All of Your Life (You Need Love)"  
    05. "If I Knew Then"
    06. "This Is Us" 
    07. "PDA"  
    08. "Masquerade"
    09. "She's a Dream"
    10. "Shattered"
    11. "Undone"

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